Welcome to Winner Granites !

We, the promoters of Winner Group have been serving our customers since the 1950s. We are engaged in Granite Quarry Operations and Export of Granites, Logistics, providing Corporate Solutions to Auto-mobile Sector, Construction and Promotion of Commercial and Residential Buildings, Importing of Building Materials, Production of Mineral Water, Manufacturing of Fireworks, Novelties, Textiles and Educational Trust.

Our latest quarry is spread across 22 acres of virgin mountains at Mangalampet Village, Andhra Pradesh State, India that yield our awe-worthy gang saw blocks of granite commercially named SILVER LIGHTNING. The granite blocks of Silver Lightning has become an instant hit among our various buyers across the globe and we have scaled up the production capacity to meet their needs as well to cater to our future clients. Winner Group, as a company, we believe in providing our clientele with high quality gang saw sized granite blocks with uniform patterns and we ensure it in each block that we sell. We do so by using the latest mining technology and adoption of quality management (QMS) and repeat orders from our clients serves as substantiation.