Granite Gangsaw Slabs

Granite is one of the most used stone since ages. Granite has many varieties in itself. People show interesting this stone very much because of its properties like hardness, heat resistance, scratch free property and many more. Granite is used as a building material; it is used for both external and internal purposes. Granite tiles are used widely for decorating houses.
Granite gang saw slabs as the name suggests are made by cutting by gang saw machines and therefore the name. These slabs are polished after being cut into required thickness. These tiles come in varieties. They are into use to much larger extent both in India and abroad. Granite gang saw slabs can be used in various places in your house. They are apt for your kitchen most importantly. They can be used in bathrooms and in the balconies over the columns. These tiles are cut around the edges to have a proper finished look. They are polished usually after cutting but the customer can opt for rough slabs also as they are also available in the market.


Sliver Lightning Slab